Cloud Solutions
Let us assess, architect, and strategize, and then assist you with compliance, testing, and training

Thinking Cloud?

Chances are you're thinking about "The Cloud." Maybe you already have a business case based on the expense of maintaining your own servers and your own IT department. Or maybe you're thinking about it because everyone else seems to be doing it. Or maybe you just can't escape the marketing and you're curious about what it means.

Letting vendors host your data and services can potentially make your IT more affordable, more secure, more scalable, and more modern. And it can also introduce new vulnerabilities and costs that you didn't plan on.

Breaking It Down

Let us help you figure out what data and services you should move to the cloud, what it will cost you, what the risks are, and what it will save you. Then let us help you move the things that truly make sense to move in a way that gives you the best outcome.

Maybe you want to move something into a Cloud. Or maybe you want to move from one Cloud tenant to another. You may even have something in the Cloud and want to move it back to your own servers.


Helping you identify your needs and decide what makes sense to move to or from the Cloud.


Helping you envision what the end state will look like.


Public cloud? Private cloud? Hybrid cloud? Rehosting, replatforming, refactoring? We can help you choose the right model for you and the right way to carry out the move.


Helping you make your business case for a migration.


Performing a risk assessment: what could go wrong and what would the impact be?


Helping you assess and respond to compliance issues.


Guidance and assisting with testing.


Guidance and assisting with training.

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