Application Platforms Services

Our Application Lifecycle Support Services helps you manage all aspects of your application including:

  • Perform functional, architectural and current state assessments of the application and its associated documentation to identify known bugs, desired enhancements, performance issues, legacy code issues, etc.
  • Ensure available source code and application related assets are securely managed. Ensure development source code can be version controlled. Manage escrow of source code assets where required
  • Establish primary release cycle length for the application
  • Establish budget for addressing issues and enhancements in current release cycle
  • Compile a list of outstanding issues and enhancements
  • Establish a priority for each issue and enhancement on the list
  • Identify scope of effort and costs to address highest priority issues and enhancements in current cycle
  • Identify issues and enhancements that can feasibly be addressed within the current release cycle
  • Develop project plan to address identified issues and enhancements in the current release cycle
  • Implement and track the project plan to fruition for the current release cycle
  • Start new release cycle

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